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Sleep is our specialty

We hand-make high quality mattresses and accessories to give you the healthiest, best sleep possible.

Sprout is a “Canadian-owned and operated” company that specializes in hand-made natural mattresses and accessories. Locally made in Canada, Sprout uses only the best natural materials to create a well-ventilated mattress and guarantee a healthy, and comfortable rest.

Making a mattress by hand means we can bring back quality methods like “tufting” and “hand-crafting.” This means that each layer of the mattress will be tightly held in place by the tufting and will not shift or diminish over time. Your mattress will maintain its best support for longer and you can maximize your investment.

At Sprout, we appreciate a clean, stylish aesthetic, even for mattresses. And we believe in using natural materials with natural advantages.Sprout products are all natural and all style. No chemicals, no compromise. We have created superior product offerings that blend age-old quality & natural materials with contemporary design elements.

We want you to be confident about what you’re sleeping on. Learn more about our products and how we make them

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