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Sprout Sleep Mattress

Sprout Natural Mattress Topper

This 3” mattress topper is made from 100% natural Dunlop latex and covered by natural wool, adding comfort and the benefits of natural materials to any existing mattress. Get the support and comfort you need from the mattress, and add this topper for an even more luxurious sleep. Like our mattresses, this topper is made to be two-sided and can be flipped to maximize lifespan.


Total Height


of 100% Natural Latex


Cotton with Herringbone Pattern


For Extended Life

All sizes

Available in All Standard Mattress Sizes
Sprout Sleep Mattress

Canadian-made 800 count pocket coils. Offers durable 3-zone support for pressure relief on joints

Layers of 100% natural cotton, high-quality natural wool, natural silk, and a 1/2 inch comfort layer of natural Dunlop Latex on either side of the core

Cotton breathes and wool and silk insulate and wick away moisture. Together they guarantee a climate-controlled environment and prevent build up of dust and bugs

Wool and silk act as natural fire retardants, eliminating the need for chemical additives & retardants

Dry Environment reduces risk of dust mite invasion and ensures a clean mattress

Hand-tufted 100% cotton exterior prevents shifting of internal components and a reversible mattress, which ensures mattress longevity

Say goodbye to neck and back pain forever.

The Sprout Advantage