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Sprout Sleep Mattress


Get your best sleep on a two-sided, hand-tufted Vivo mattress with a 7-inch core made of 100% natural dunlop latex and the comfort and protection of natural wool, silk and cotton. This mattress is medium-firm and is a great choice for anyone looking to relieve neck and back pain.


Mattress Height


layer of wool, silk & cotton each for ventilation, plushness, pressure-point relief and natural resistance to allergens & dust mites


Natural Latex


9-step Natural Dunlop Latex Core


Year Warranty in full, not prorated
Sprout Sleep Mattress

"7" nine-step 100% natural Dunlop latex core. Hypoallergenic and organic, offering durability and comfort

Layers of 100% natural cotton, high-quality natural wool, natural silk, and a 1/2 inch comfort layer of natural Dunlop Latex on either side of the core

Cotton breathes and wool and silk insulate and wick away moisture. Together they guarantee a climate-controlled environment and prevent build up of dust and bugs

Wool and silk act as natural fire retardants, eliminating the need for chemical additives & retardants

Dry Environment reduces risk of dust mite invasion and ensures a clean mattress

Hand-tufted 100% cotton exterior prevents shifting of internal components and a reversible mattress, which ensures mattress longevity

Say goodbye to neck and back pain forever.

The Sprout Advantage